A better way to manage your server

Ellie is a fast, feature rich Discord bot for you and your server to enjoy. We always provide the best features we possibly can, for free.

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Easy, simple and free.

Ellie promises to always provide a free plan for our users and their communities. We will always stand by that. We provide amazing moderation systems, welcome messages and so many more features... all inside this super fast, super cool, verified bot.

Professional grade moderation

Easy, swift and accessible moderation for all your moderators. You don't have to be a techno-wiz to use our bot - it's a simple command for each and every moderation action. It's almost too easy to use.

Easy as pie

With Ellie, it's super easy to use our bot, whatever your age and technological skills may be.

Free Forever

Ellie will always offer a free plan, no matter what kind of server you are running or how you're running it.

Instant Commands

Ellie responds in a couple miliseconds... so you never have to deal with the waiting for a warning to go through again.

We built The Elliebot Collective with customers in mind

Modern User Design

We use the latest technologies to bring you the cleanest and most modern design for all our products.

Excellent Customer Service

We allow you to choose your own experience when contacting our team, and offer a magnitude of different ways for you to contact us!

Good As New

We're always updating all our services, so whatever you are doing - it always feels as good as it did the moment you started.

Always in the loop

Get notifications, alerts and statistics about moderation actions and your server. No matter where you are, or whatever time it is. Say goodbye to worrying about growth loss and moderator mishaps.

Mobile notifications

You'll recieve quick messages from Ellie explaining what action has been taken, so you'll never miss a moderator mishap again.

Channel logs

Ellie automatically can setup and send all moderator and user actions to a channel, with detailed information into what happened.
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The right price for you, whatever your server

It doesn't matter if it's a small lounge server for a couple friends, or a large enterprise server with 50,000 members...
Ellie has the right plan for you, whatever you need.


$ 4.99 /month
  • Realistic Economics

  • Embedded Announcements

  • Automated Moderation

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$ 34.99 /month
  • All features in Community

  • Custom Webhooks

  • Meeting Management

  • Custom Commands

  • Levelling System


$ 14.99 /month
  • All features in Lounge

  • Moderation Dashboard

  • Strike Moderation

All payments are handled securely by Stripe.

Ready to dive in? You can setup Ellie in under 10 mintes.

We may even drop by and say hello... who knows, we might even leave a nice little gift for your server to say thank you!

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That's not all

The Elliebot Collective is committed to giving back, so we launched our charity program in 2020. It's helped hundreds of people ever since.

Feeding America

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Feeding America

International Association for Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention

Save The Children

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Save The Children

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